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Edit and organize your videos


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VidTrim - Video Editor is a powerful video-editing tool that also lets you organize all the videos on your Android thanks to its intuitive interface that's perfectly adjusted to touch controls.

On VidTrim - Video Editor, you'll find many different editing features at hand. The most important are, without a doubt, the crop and fuse tools that let you clip a video snippet and join two different clips to create a new one.

Other tools included in VidTrim - Video Editor let you rotate the videos in any direction or apply different effects (similar to Instagram filters). Apart from that, you can also rename files and convert them to MP3 to listen to them on any music player.

VidTrim - Video Editor is a video editor that's as powerful as it is simple. Although it takes up very little space (less than 20 megabytes), it still offers a good number of features.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher